Security is one aspect many homeowners forgo. While the price of an alarm system can certainly be daunting, it's usually worth it for the peace of mind. However, not everyone can afford to have their home monitored by an outside source. If your budget is small, but you still want protection, don't fret.

There are several are quite affordable and can be installed by anyone who is handy. If you are interested in securing your home with an alarm system, consider using one of these three affordable alternatives:

1. Security Cameras

A few security cameras installed in the right places can make a huge world of difference in the security of your home. You can often purchase these cameras at most home improvement stores. Alternatively, you could use something a bit more disguised such as a "nanny cam." You could also use a robotic camera that roams your home for signs of intrusions.

While cameras certainly work to beef up the security in your home, they aren't foolproof. You will need to monitor these cameras yourself or use an application to alert you of intrusions.

2. Local Alarms

If you want something that offers a little more security, consider using a local alarm system. These systems use various tools to identify and notify you of intruders. Oftentimes, these systems come equipped with motion sensors and microphones. They might also include cameras.

When an alarm is tripped, the security system will sound a loud alarm. It is usually loud enough to deter criminals and awake your family so that you can notify the police.

3. Wireless Systems

For even more home security, consider using a wireless system. These systems use various tools to notify you of intruders, just like local systems—so they also use motion detectors, microphones, and cameras. However, these systems allow you to access their data remotely. With many of today's wireless systems, you can monitor your home while you are away by using your laptop or smart phone.

These systems, sometimes, also allow you to regulate your home while you are away by letting you turn on lights, lock doors, and even adjust the thermometer.

As you can see, you are not required to shell out a monthly subscription fee for a monitored system to keep your home safe and secure. There are many other options out there that can provide you peace of mind at the fraction of the price. So if you are interested in learning more, talk with a local contractor or security specialist about what options you have for affordable security alarm equipment.