Investing in a home security system can put your mind at ease that you will have additional protection against most threats. Before you decide on a security system, there are several features you should consider.

Remote Audio And Visual Monitoring

One of the major advantages of remote audio and visual monitoring is you may be able to thwart a potential intruder, or at least have a description for police. Some home security systems send you an alert if there is movement on your property and/or someone rings the doorbell. This allows you to access remote cameras and see who is on your property and in some cases, talk to them remotely. If a potential intruder believes someone is home, they may be less inclined to break in. When you have security cameras installed, make sure you have adequate nighttime lighting on your property. A well-lit home can act as a deterrence, but if an intruder were to strike at night, cameras do little to help if you cannot see the perpetrator.

Fire, Smoke, And Carbon Monoxide Detection

You may have a smoke detector in your home, but it is not the same as fire detection. Smoke detectors can be triggered by smoking indoors or cooking. In these instances, they can lead to false alarms. You want more assurance, especially when you are away from home, that a fire is actually occurring. Fire detectors are triggered by significant increases in temperature. The combination of both smoke and fire detection can also help you spot problems before they are out of control. For example, a small fire may smolder for hours before an obvious fire is detected.

Another important danger is carbon monoxide. Since carbon monoxide has no smell, it may consume people before they notice a problem, especially if they are asleep. Another benefit of carbon monoxide detection is having adequate warning to avoid entering your home if you know there is a leak. In some cases, carbon monoxide levels may be high enough to incapacitate a person after breathing in the gas for a only a few seconds.

Flood Monitoring

Simple mistakes, such as leaving the water running, or malfunctioning appliances, such as the washing machine, can easily leave several inches of water in your home. If you live in an apartment or other attached residence, flood monitoring can be critical for warning you of water leaking inside your residence from attached units. A potential problem with multi-family structures is a problem on the upper levels, such as an overflowing toilet or plumbing problem, can lead to a flooded residence on the lower levels. If you can detect a flooding problem remotely, you may be able to stop the problem before considerable damage has occurred.

With many features in home security systems, there are ways to safeguard your family and property against almost any threat. The addition of remote access can also give you peace of mind while you are at work or enjoying a vacation.

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